Style and Sustainability


We celebrate adventure, creativity and sustainable living.

Hale Magazine is for those who want to live more sustainably, in a way that benefits the planet and the people who call it home. We’re curating a space filled with ideas on sustainable fashion and style, low-impact travel, ethical investment, seasonal food and drink, and innovation. We value good design, craftsmanship, and social responsibility. And we’re curious about the incredible people behind the brands we love.

Hale’s mission is to celebrate positive stories of change. We explore how we can live a low-impact lifestyle through well-planned and beautiful content including thought-provoking features, inspiring interviews, and careful design. We use ‘sustainability’ in its widest sense to explore a diverse spectrum of subjects.

Our Story

The seed for Hale Magazine was planted towards the end of a prosecco-fueled lunch. We had been lamenting the difficulty of finding clothes that were ethically sourced and styled in a way that felt relevant to us. From here, we got on to the lack of a central source of inspiration for anyone who wanted to live a sustainable lifestyle without giving up their job, moving to a smallholding and dabbling in bee-keeping (although we were quite in favour of all the above).

So with atypical decisiveness we concluded that we would have to create the space ourselves. A magazine that would combine a love of design and style with ethical sensibilities. We wanted to share clothing brands that put style and sustainability on an equal footing; ideas for adventures that were low impact but satisfying; seasonal recipes that tasted delicious and discussions around technology and investment that are woefully absent from a typical lifestyle magazine.

But, we insisted as we refilled our glasses, we must remain ‘smug-free’. This will be a magazine for people who are trying, who aren’t perfect, who realise there is a long way to go but that we may as well start somewhere. Above all, we will tell stories of creative, positive people who are the change-makers of today.

The prosecco-glow soon wore off but the idea stuck. By the next week, we’d decided on a name, bought domains and were wondering where to get started. As you can see, we stuck with it. We hope you like what we’ve created. Without our readers, we’d be nowhere so thank you for stopping by!

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