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Five essentials for sustainable festival-goers

Five essentials for sustainable festival-goers

Summer in the UK doesn’t seem complete without at least one music festival. Whether it’s a day-long local celebration or the five-day marathon of Glastonbury, the choice is varied and guarantees something for everyone. But festivals aren’t just about drinking warm cider and listening to great bands. The talks, workshops and activities on offer can be a great way to explore ideas, learn from others or pick up new habits. I, for example, credit Shambala festival with helping me switch to reusable, rather than single-use, bottles: realising how simple it was to use one created a habit that stuck long after the glitter washed off. If you’re planning a festival trip this summer, maybe it’s an opportunity to pick up your own good habit. And you can start with our list of essential items to pack for a sustainable festival experience. I’ve assumed you’ve already thought of a tent, wellies and a toothbrush…



An essential to help transport you from workaday routine to festival fun times, plastic glitter is essentially ready-made microplastic. If you can switch to a bio-glitter brand, you’ll get the same colourful spangling without the environmental cost. We are big fans of EcoStardust who offer a great selection of colours and sizes. They’ll help get your sustainable festival season off to a glittering start!



When showers are in short supply, these are a must-have. However, disposable plastic-based wipes are often flushed down the loo causing ‘wipebergs’ in our sewers and endangering sea life. Check out Natracare’s gently fragranced, biodegradable organic cotton wipes – just make sure you pop them in the bin, not the loo, to give them time to fully biodegrade.



There’s nothing fun about trying to get ready for bed in the dark, and not being able to find your toothbrush. A solar powered light can charge during the day while you’re out having fun and will be ready to illuminate your tent as you slither into your sleeping bag. This one is waterproof (essential for the UK) and super light – worth considering if you have to carry everything in one backpack.



This is the UK: you need to be able to stay dry in the rain. Need we explain further? Well yes, actually, because not all waterproofs are created equal. This one from Finisterre uses a fluorocarbon-free finish to waterproof the fabric and comes in two great colours.


Water bottle

You need to stay hydrated and buying bottled water is not the only way. Most festivals have drinking water taps clearly signed and conveniently located. So take a small light bottle and refill as you go. We’ve gathered some of our favourite reusable water bottles here.

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