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How Green is your Tea?

How Green is your Tea?

Stick the kettle on, have a brew, meet for a cuppa and a catch up: tea drinking is an important part of daily life. Sharing a cup of tea with a stranger is a shortcut to feeling more at ease with one another; with a friend it’s a chance to swap news or switch off from the everyday. When something’s gone wrong or someone’s upset, reaching for the kettle is an automatic gesture for many of us. But while a cup of tea often symbolises a pause for reflection, how often do our musings turn to the tea itself? Is the tea you’re drinking fair-trade? Which brands produce plastic-free tea? Does the company have a strong commitment to sustainable and ethical practices?

Here are our top three plastic-free tea brands:

Pukka Herbs – this brand fills its plastic free, fully compostable tea bags with an array of delicious organic brews.

Teapigs – their compostable ‘tea temples’ are plastic free, as is the external packaging.

Nemi – loose leaf teas and biodegradable tea pyramids. Nemi provide employment for refugees at their market stalls and 50% of profits are invested back into their social enterprise.

You could also embrace the ceremony of loose-leaf tea. A reusable infuser spoon like this one makes it just as quick to get a brew on.


Main photograph by Paul-Vincent Roll

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