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Hero fibre: why you should wear Tencel this summer

Hero fibre: why you should wear Tencel this summer

What is Tencel?

Tencel (a brand name for the less well-known lyocell) is made from fibres found in wood pulp. Breathable, silky and soft, it feels great to wear and is often compared to a luxurious cotton. It drapes beautifully and most importantly it has excellent green credentials.

Is Tencel eco-friendly?

As with all fibres, there’s no definitive yes/no answer to this question but in general, we think so! The eucalyptus trees that produce the raw material for Tencel are grown in FSC-certified, sustainably managed forests. These trees are cut down and turned into wood pulp which is then broken down using a harsh chemical solvent. However, during production, nearly 100% of this solvent is recovered and reused in an almost closed loop process. In fact, the producers of Tencel have been awarded a European Award for the Environment in recognition of their commitment to recycling the solvent (as the solvent is expensive there are of course clear economic incentives for them to do this but hey, the end result is the same). Once the pulp has been broken down, fibres are created which can then be spun and woven into a soft, biodegradable fabric. Compared to thirsty cotton manufacturing, the process as a whole requires between 10 and 20 times less water. On the flip side, the production process requires very high levels of energy – something the manufacturers are aiming to cut down.

Wear Tencel this summer

So, it’s not perfect, but then who is? We think that Tencel is a great option for a sustainable wardrobe. And given that it is super absorbent and feels great directly against your skin, it’s perfect for warm summer days, whatever you get up to.

After the Beach

Cover up in the evenings with this soft bomber jacket from TwoThirds. We love the soft rose colour and the fact that you can pre-order to reduce waste.

Sipping Cocktails

We can’t get enough of online store Gather & See – we strongly recommend you have a look yourself. This elegant jumpsuit from Beaumont Organic is just the tip of an ethical fashion iceberg.

At Work

We loved Citizen’s Mark’s signature blazer when it came out and now they’re launching a line of ‘better than silk’ blouses. Check out the sleeveless version to stay cool at work this summer.

How about you?

Have you got your eye on any Tencel items this summer? What do you think of this fibre? Let us know your thoughts – we’d love to hear them!

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